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Looking for a casket manufacturer that produces a high quality casket at an unbelievably low cost? Look now further. One Source China LLC is your liaison to caskets made in China.

If want to be part of the solution to the expensive funeral, then you need to source your caskets from China. If you don't do the volume necessary to order from China, then tell your distributor about us. If they can save thousands of dollars on their caskets then they can pass the savings on to you, and you can pass it on to the consumer.

The Chinese casket manufacturer produces all the popular styles that the US ones do. Very often, our clients don't even need to change their selection because all the popular models are produced in China as well at fraction of the cost and often of superior quality.

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Chinese caskets have all the popular panels you find in US caskets. For example, "Going Home", "In God's Care", "Mother" and "Father". Likewise, all the fine materials are available as well, such as crepe and velvet.

The Chinese casket manufacturer also uses all the traditional materials. The metal styles come in 18 gauge, 20 gauge, copper, stainless steel and bronze. Solid wood and MDF veneer all come in mahogany, cherry, oak, ash and popular.

Sourcing caskets from China is very complicated. It's difficult to make certain that the factory understands your needs. You can't be in China to inspect your caskets every time you put in an order. Once the caskets are here you can't send them back if they are damaged. One Source China LLC takes care of all that for you. We facilitate your purchase; we inspect your caskets before they ship and ensure that all errors are corrected. Finally, we coordinate door-to-door shipping for you. You don't need to lift a finger, we'll make sure your caskets show up at your warehouse door here in the US. All these value-added services are provided to you for an extremely low fee.

Let One Source China LLC be your gateway to the Chinese casket manufacturer.

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